About Us

German Engineering: Accountable Project Development and Implementation for the New CleanTech Energy Mix

LTI ReEnergy CleanTech GmbH is a leading German automation company group founded 50 years ago and has started to be active in the renewable sector in wind energy since 1999 and solar energy since 2007.

LTI’s high-efficiency power electronics is renowned for being deployed in extra-harsh conditions, particularly for the Solar and Waste-to-Energy industry. 

Since company incorporation days in 1971, LTI’s vast application has continuously helped new technology start-ups for applications in floating solar, near shallow geothermal, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems, electrical storage, electrolyzers for hydrogen applications, desalination, and reverse osmosis and Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) technologies. 

LTI uses these technologies for all kinds of clean, decentralized energy, and water generation and storage solutions for the new future energy mix with the EMEA region and carefully chosen deployment markets across the world.

LTI’s unparalleled network within the industry for both CleanTech blue-chips and start-up companies and technologies allows for a wide range of applications of new technologies and new market niches to be developed quickly to a sizable scale.

Beyond its robust German technology and European and Middle East engineering base, LTI has successfully set up a technical project development arm acting out of the UAE and a project funding and financial structuring business arm incorporated in London.

By doing so, LTI is securing equity positions in the late-stage development phase of the most promising investment opportunities and bringing it to the shuffle-ready stage. LTI also assures the project viability by structuring the debt and equity investments after the grid connection and commercial operation commencement date and the bridge funding for the construction period and some of the world’s largest EPC companies. Under LTI’s supervision, they work to complete projects at foreseen budgets, timelines, and energy generation levels to de-risk the financial investments during the construction phase. 

Besides the ability to apply the needed technical solutions in solar, storage, and water generation for the region and beyond, LTI, by use of its industry network, shall also support substantial investment opportunities directly from the project developers and sponsors for both equity and debt lending as well as high-yielding CleanTech energy and water generation investments in carefully selected regions worldwide.

Team Members

Michael Bellmer

Managing Partner LTI ReEnergy CleanTech GmbH.

Director LTI ReEnergy Gulf Solar Trading DMCC.

CEO LTI ReEnergy Solar Investments Ltd.

Director Sujan LTI ReEnergy Private Limited.

Chairman LTI ReEnergy Co. Ltd.

Michael holds university degrees in Industrial Management and Business Administration from Technical University of Berlin and CASS Business School London.

Before acquiring the LTI group for Körber in 2013 where he served different management functions in international sales development, Mergers & Acquisition, corporate planning and the set-up of international manufacturing sites in North and South America, Asia, and the EMEA region Michael had originally started his management career at German Blue-chip Siemens AG in the Energy, Manufacturing and Automation industries.

Capitalizing on LTI’s original long-term growth path and 50 years technlogy track record, between 2018 and 2021 Michael has transformed LTI ReEnergy’s several business lines as part of a strategic Management Buy-Out and the set-up of several new international entities in EMEA and Asia in today’s global corporate structure.

Anoup Treon

Chairman LTI ReEnergy Solar Investments Ltd.

Anoup is a charted accountant and worked for several of the large financial institutions in the City before setting up his own businesses out of London-Mayfair, predominantly with investments in Healthcare and Real Estate.
Anoup is a serial entrepreneur and financial architect of funding structures maximizing financial returns and optimizes risk positions for both private equity and familiy offices as well as the institutional sector.

Based on the experienced and a tight network of more than 40 years financial transaction, incl. but not limited to a 500mGBP roll-up in the healthcare as one of the largest operators of carehomes in the UK during the early 2010s Anoup has built up a significant track record for building large company groups in new industries.

Anoup has met Michael some 5 years back and they have started LTI ReEnergy Solar Investments Ltd. as a renewable project investment and asset management boutique repeating Anoup’s success in the Healthcare sector in the Renewable sector, banking on LTI’s long-term industry experience since 1971 with market entry into. renewables in 1999 with market entry into renewables in 1999.

Andreas Junker

Chief Sales Officer LTI ReEnergy Gulf Solar Trading DMCC

Andreas is carrying German diploma in Electronic and Building Automation as well as in LV/MV/HV Engineering and owns therefore a very sound technical background for the automation and the energy sector’s applications. Andreas owns also hand-on-experience both in the technical installation as well as project management in the electrical engineering field with private and predominantly commercial sectors.

Leveraging on this technical skill set, Andreas has been working for LTI ReEnergy in several Business Development functions particularly in the Middle East region and has taken care of LTI’s Key Accounts across the Globe for around a decade by now. Today he is working as Chief Sales Officer for the group out of LTI’s project development division in Dubai / UAE.

James Crossley

Chief Financial Officer LTI ReEnergy Gulf Solar Trading DMCC

James has studied banking and finance in the UK and has moved to the United Arab Emirates back in 2018. James has a wide network of private investors and the institutional banks in the Middle East and all across Asia and has a very solid background in legally and commercially structuring transactions within the region.

Besides serving as CFO and as manager for LTI ReEnergy Gulf Solar Trading DMCC, James is facilitating LTI’s overall banking, financial management and compliance policy in the region and between Europe and the Middle East.

Bernd Borgschulte

Head of Operations, Service & Repair International

LTI ReEnergy CleanTech GmbH

Bernd holds a Master degree in electrical engineering and has worked for nearly 25 years in LTI group companies.

Bernd has built up several service hubs internationally, incl. but not limited LTI’s repair workshops in China, India, USA and Brazil. He has been also responsible for the worldwide repairs businesss for Wind and Phtotovoltaics for nearly two decades.

Today Bernd is in charge for all worldwide service and maintenance for the entire fleet of LTI wind, phtotovoltaics and smart energy inverters and servo drives as well as related applications and the entire bandwidth of mid to large power inverters in industrial applications incl. but not limited to the brands of LTI, LUST, and Stromag among others

Norbert Holthenrich

Chief Technology Officer

LTI ReEnergy CleanTech GmbH

Norbert is a certified power electronic electrician and holds a Master in Electrical Engineering (Dipl. Ing.). During the recent 35 years of his career Norbert has gathered a one-of-a-kind engineering and application know-how of inverter system designs by using large power electronics drives for enery saving and grid balancing designs at one of the early adopters of the CleanTech industry, VECTRON GmbH (later Bongfioli) already since the early 90ies.

Already in the early 2000s Norbert designed generator controllers for wind and water turbines, PV inverter, battery storage Inverter and island grid inverters at Bonfiglioli VECTRON GmbH before becoming the Head of electronic drives for controlling the rotor blades of MW class wind turbines at LUST Drivetronics when he was hired by the LTI Group in 2006.

Based on LTI’s success story of electrical wind pitch systems Norbert was tasked to design a central solar inverter for utlity scale solar projects, which was the emergence of the PV inverter business in LTI in 2009 which Norbert was heading until the acquisition by Körber in 2013. Until today Norbert is acting as Senior Consultant and CTO of LTI’s solar inverter business in LTI ReEnergy CleanTech GmbH and is today one of the industry leading internationally reknown experts in yield forecasts, power electric design, grid compatibility evaluations and grid integration of PV power plants of the multi-megawatt class.

Paolo LaRosa

Head of Project Management / EPC Planning & Execution

LTI ReEnergy Gulf Solar Trading DMCC

Paolo is a certified geologist and holds an ENGDIP in Geotechnical Engineering (UK) and an Italian doctorate degree in Engineering Geology.

Paolo worked as Senior Geo-Environmental Engineer since the early 2000s in the UK and has been running his own project development company in the UAE between 2016 and 2019.

Paolo owns well over 25 years site and project management experience in the field of geotechnical & environmental engineering and Renewable Energy (Solar and Waste-to-Energy), in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. In LTI ReEnergy Gulf Solar Trading DMCC Paolo is heading the technical project management activities from initial site investigation and geotechnical studies until site management and technical and commercial EPC supervision in the role of an “Owner’s Engineer” both on-site as well as coordinating LTI’s project management with the technical and commercial departments of the investors, the banks and institutions, the developers and the main and Sub-EPCs.

Mallik Bhuvanesh

Head of Business Development Floating Solar

Sujan LTI ReEnergy Private Limited

Mallik has been one of the first industry professionals in the Solar industry upon ist emergence in India in 2010.
Mallik has been the country head for Bongfioli and has built up close relationship to the leading Indian development and EPC companies ever since then. Under Mallik’s sales responsibility Bongfi was the market leader for solar inverters in India and he contracted some of the first gigaprojects of 100MWp+ class back at that time.

Since 2015 Mallik is with LTI ReEnergy and has supported the localization of LTI solar inverters as one of the leading project developers and investors in Solar projects at that time.

Since 2019 Mallik is responsible for market development of LTI / Sunrise’s floating solar structure for the Indian market and has significantly contributed to promote LTI / Sunrise as the most advanced and robust floating solar system in the market, especially for more complex applications on large hydro dams, projects with seasonal dryfall and potentially offshore applications in Indian and overall South-Asia.