Snapshots of Our Projects

LTI ReEnergy – Selected References in Harsh Conditions

Inverters for the Renewable Industries since 1999 (Solar since 2008)

Tibet High Altidude 6 MWp (2012)

3,100 meters above sea-level. Our Inverter also work efficiently in the most hidden corner in the world. The optimized technology and design ensures a trouble-free operation also on high elevation.

LA REUNION FRANCE Saltwater Conditions 3 MWp (2013)

Saltwater resistance System
Easy Maintenance in Island conditionds

Belgium Waste Hill Gips / Dust / Waste 15 MWp (2014)

Largest photovoltaic plant in Belgium. A total of 60 PVmaster II stations are in use. The water-cooled concept fits perfect for the environmental conditions on the plant location due to the former use as a cement disposal.

INNER MONGOLIA Desert Conditions 10 MWp (2015)

Survival in the Desert
High Temperature differences Summer / Winter Time
Dust Protection with Filter Systems
No derating Up to 50 degreece
Low Maintenance of liquid cooling System

BURDUR / MARASH/ YOZGAT (TURKEY) Weak Grid Conditions 22 MWp (2016)

Grid Stabilisation with LTI Solutions
High Performance
Special Turkish Solution according to TEDAS Regulations

Chile Atacama Desert Desert Conditions 3 MWp (2017)

Earthquake protected System
Filter system against Dust and Salt Conditions
No Derating up to 50 degrees outside temperature
Low Maintenance of liquid cooling System

Jordan Injection in NEPCO Grid on Largest Wheeling Project 20 MWp (2018)

Largest private wheeling project upon installation
NEPCO Compliance with one of the most rigid Grid-Codes worldwide
Quasi-desert conditions / dust protection requirements
High energy yield incl. tracker