Repairs & Services
Inverters Repairs
& Maintenance
Customers worldwide are relying on the safe and solid operation of their assets being equipped with our technology.
To operate these assets on highest efficiency and overall plant availability is our daily motivation to provide our services to you.
As one of the most experienced power electronics manufacturers with roots back into 1971 as an OEM we are preserving the heritage of the one of most comprehensive know how over decades of reliable plant and machinery asset operations with our technology.
LTI ReEnergy CleanTech GmbH is the sole and exclusive right owner of LTI’s OEM software code and original test equipments which makes us the most knowledgable partner when it comes to serving inter alia LTI, LUST, or Stromag inverters in Energy & selected machinery applications. Our technicians and engineers have averagely more than 15 years of experience with our technology and are well trained to support our customer and local service teams remotely via advanced monitoring, engineering and trouble-shooting software to keep your assets up-to-date and on high availability and efficiency rates.
Technical Project Development
German engineering and planning for all kind of CleanTech project applications
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Nowadays, with sustainable development and climate change becoming growing concerns, solar energy is progressively being seen as a sustainable solution to our energy needs. And because the sun’s energy is converted directly into electricity by a semiconductor, and requires no fuel or moving parts, it creates no pollution. As a result, solar energy is one of the cleanest renewable forms of energy around.Our technical expertise covers the entire CleanTech energy sectors and advisory services energy system integration and detailed on/offshore design for each one. We want to provide solutions that change the energy market for the better, forever. In addition to our supply services, we also offer consultancy services through which we are able to guide clients towards implementing technically complex environmental solutions.

To achieve our mission, we have supported start-ups with our tech applications in floating solar, shallow geothermal, ocean thermal energy conversion, electrical storage, electrolysers, desalination systems, reverse osmosis systems, atmospheric water generator technologies to create a breadth of future energy solutions that will change markets across the world. Our expansive network within a variety of industries has enabled us to develop new projects quickly and to a sizable scale.

Besides our technical solution applications in solar, storage and water generation, we provide investment opportunities directly from developers and sponsors through equity and debt lending structures. In a few places around the world we also allow CleanTech energy and water generation investments.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Building A Foundation For Today,
With The Eco-Friendly Tech For Tomorrow

From the Preliminary to the Executive Design, through the Environmental Assessment/Permitting and Construction Project Manager, our consulting services cover the full scope of your project requirements offering a truly Turn-Key solution product. Our technical experts have supplied engineering solutions  for varying applications beyond solar projects, including waste energy & management, brownfield redevelopment, and all kinds of CleanTech energy sources.

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Geological & Geotechnical Engineering
A sound geological/ geotechnical investigation (GI) is the solid base of any CleanTech project

LTI ReEnergy’s geotechnical services provide a full range of development services to our clients across several sectors, such as Commercial, Energy, Industrial, Mineral and Waste, and Utilities. Our experienced geologists and geotechnical engineers deliver a range of geo-environmental services. Our involvement in the earliest stage of project appraisal is critical to a detailed understanding of the conceptual ground model, qualitative/quantitative risk assessment, and remediation design. We can deliver advanced solutions even in challenging conditions and sensitive environments.