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LTI Germany

Our Global Engineering Repairs & Maintenance Headquarters


LTI ReEnergy is one of the most experienced German and European engineering and electronic power companies for the New CleanTech Economy, with roots going back over 50 years history into 1971. In 1999, we introduced the first electrical pitch system, entirely accepted and licensed by the major regulatory bodies and technical auditors as the primary safety-critical function of on- and offshore windmills still today. Capitalising on the success in the wind sector, we have diversified into PV at the early days of utility-scale solar in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the rest of Europe starting from 2007 onwards. With LTIs international network of entities, we have grown over the decades heavily all over Europe into China, Taiwan, India, the Americas, and within the MENA region.

Meanwhile, we have systematically internationalised our production based on our award-winning “German Heart – Local Content” concept. It encourages high regional value creation, based on top-quality German-engineered power electronic solutions, and one-of-its-kind engineering and application know-how of one of the most experienced European power electronics for the CleanTech industry.

Beyond our central and large inverters for Solar LTI, ReEnergy is particularly renown for the integration of ORC turbines, mobile power (hybrid fuels for forklifts), fuel cells, small hydro, and storage applications. We have also paved the way for floating solar (through our JV company in India and our own subsidiary in Taiwan) and new CleanTech technologies such as OTEC, EER, and AWR applications, among others.
Besides marketing our proven ultra-harsh power electronics to several new industry sectors, we are proud of serving our established fleet of more than 250,000 inverters in the field, including solar inverters and industrial applications from STROMAG, LUST AND LTI, among others.

Our repair and maintenance department, which is in the heart of our business strategy of life long support of our clients, is the sole owner of all original and propriety OEM hardware test and grid simulation equipment and unique ownership of all LTI source code and engineering and software tools for our five decades of inverter shipments around the Globe. We are happy to assist you.