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Our Floating Solar
Manufacturing Business
Floating Solar is perceived as the hottest revolution in utility-scale solar, particularly in countries where land is limited. It is also an opportunity to ramp up capacity in CleanTech when combining various factors and situations, for example with hydro plants, to save expenditures and time restrictions for grid extension in remote locations in South-Sahara Africa and South America.

Sujan LTI has leveraged LTI’s 20-year-old subsidiary in Taiwan to export a 30-years proven extrusion pipe-based floating solar solution of Sunrise E&T into the international markets. For engineering optimization, while at the same time serving the significant increasing domestic demand, LTI has decided to set up a brand-new manufacturing site together with Sujan Technologies for the Indian subcontinent and to re-export into neighbouring regions, and to also occasionally export into LTI’s upcoming hydro dam projects across the African continent from the Indian JV.

Sunrise’s technology has been demonstrated to be ultra-reliant in even the most dangerous and challenging environments and being deployed in Sunrise’s original fish farming business across the globe in the most adverse environments, including Antarctica and Greenland. The highest wind speeds in the Far East are optimizing the Taiwanese division for a significant roll-out into the international markets and scaling up annual sales by 2 to 3 times a year. Sunrise floating solar’s track record coupled with LTI’s access into the most relevant global markets is a unique value proposition for any of our current and future partners.

Based on LTI’s industry player network of being present in CleanTech for more than 20 years, understanding project development via our UAE arm, and the financial structuring including insurance coverage via our London offices, LTI is prepared for ultra-large floating solar projects, particularly in Africa, South Asia, and South America, and is expected to become the worldwide market leader for complex floating solar projects in the emerging markets within the next 18-24 months.

We are happy to assist you in all technical planning, EPC, and possibly in project investment.